Pricing and Booking

P.I.Y is able to offer our customers an economical experience because we make most of our own ceramics. Therefore, the price you see on the piece you choose is all inclusive! We charge nothing extra for studio time or supplies. There are no hidden fees!

Prices for our pieces begin at $5 and up with most of the pieces $10-$20.  This includes 6 colors of paint, brushes, apron, studio time and assistance from our friendly staff. All pieces use a special glaze so when it's dry, you can take it home that day!**

Want to Party with P.I.Y?

All parties require a minimum of 5 guests and begin at $20 per person with a non-refundable $25.00 down payment required at booking.

Basic: A Basic Party includes 90 minutes of reserved seating and studio time, a small ceramics piece (larger sizes available for additional fee), all of your supplies, and basic party decorations. Parties may bring their own store bought cake and individually packaged drinks, but no other outside food is permitted.

Enhanced: An Enhanced Party includes the same features as a Basic Party, but can be customized to include amenities such as balloons, beverages, cupcakes, party favors, pizza and more provided by P.I.Y! Contact us for details and options!

P.I.Y will also be offering awesome special events with preregistration. So keep checking our calender and sign-up for our newsletter to keep in the know on the happenings of our studio!


*P.I.Y does not store unfinished pieces. The customer is required to take all unfinished pieces home and will be given a ticket that will allow an item to be finished at a later date.

**Kiln firing coming soon.