the Walker family

P.I.Y Paint It Yourself is a ceramics and novelty studio on the main vein of Lorain Road in the beautiful Fairview Park, Ohio. We offer a wide variety of ceramic and novelty pieces and a generous selection of paint for our customers in a clean, inviting and fun setting. Our team is well-educated, friendly and ready to have a great time helping you paint your personality! What sets us apart is our ability to create our own ceramics, and present our customers an interchangeable and economical selection. We also have availability for special events and parties, as well as a calendar of our owned themed gatherings (preregistration required). Call to book today!


Our Story.

The birth of P.I.Y started with the Walker Family of 10 deciding to turn a part-time family bonding experience into a full-time business. A concept that began on fun weekends painting pottery around the kitchen table with friends, family and all of our children. We wanted to customize a studio to fit the family-oriented, safe, exciting environment that anyone from all walks of life and of all ages can enjoy affordably. From toddlers to seniors, we believe art transcends and is beneficial to any and everyone.

We invite you to come check us out and see what painting it yourself is all about!

Hope to paint with you soon,

Walker Crew LLC 

A Minority owned, and operated business.